No Automatic Upgrade to be an Executive Coach

Q: I have more than 20 years of experience gained from many executive positions in four different industries. I have trained extensively in areas such as executive development and operational efficiency. And I have read many books on coaching over the last two years. Do you think I am qualified to be an executive coach?

A: You have a number of strong advantages over many others to start coaching right away. But the question you must ask is whether you can deliver great results for your clients.  A setback that many like you can face is trying to deliver coaching without a good coaching model and strong coaching competencies.  You may want to solidify your coaching deliverables by attending a good coaching program that will equip you with a good coaching approach and critical skills such as questioning, listening, influencing, game planning, feedback giving, etc.


  • What professional coach certification programme have you attended?
  •  What coaching model are you using?
  • What coaching tools are you applying?
  • What success stories do you have from your past clients?