Getting Into Coaching

Q:  I notice that coaching is becoming increasingly popular over recent times. Can you tell me what types of coaching are available in the marketplace?

A:  Here are some popular ones:

Executive Coaching: This supports executives to perform better in managing the challenges in their strategic business units.

Leadership Coaching: This supports non leaders and leaders, particularly those earmarked for succession planning, to develop the right outlook and competencies to lead more effectively.

Career Coaching: This supports people to redefine their career choices for higher performance and fulfillment.

Organisational Coaching: This supports corporate leaders in managing major change-related initiatives that have ramifications throughout the organisation.

Business Coaching: This supports CEOs and entrepreneurs to overcome business challenges that impede productivity and profitability.


  • What are your needs?
  • What do you want to see happening?
  • What are the current gaps?
  • Who are the people who will have the biggest impact on others and/or the organisation when they have improved their performance?